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2014.12.18 (17:05:52)

안녕하세요. 다보코퍼레이션(주) 입니다.

2014년 크리스마스가 이제 딱 일주일 앞으로 다가왔습니다.

모두들 즐거운 연말 보내고 계신가요?

오늘은 다보코퍼레이션(주)의 Vendor사인 Infineon이 고객들의 생활 접점에서

 어떠한 이로움을 전해주고 있는지에 대해 포스팅 해보고자 합니다.

Infineon은 Shopping, Payment, Driving 세 분야로 나누어 소개하고 있는데요,

원문은 아래와 같습니다.

각 분야별 상세 정보는 우측 배너를 통해 확인해 보실 수 있으며,

관련 제품에 대한 문의사항이 있으실 경우에

Tel: 02-2108-5109

위의 번호로 전화주시면, 담당자를 연결해드리도록 하겠습니다.


<참고: 원문>

A relaxing Advent season. Thanks to Infineon.



Christmas Eve is now only a couple of days away. Infineon helps you to avoid any stress in the home stretch. Because we work on intelligent products and solutions with our know-how and our passion your Christmas preparations can be as pleasant as possible. With Infineon you shop smart, pay securely and drive safely. We wish you a peaceful pre-Christmas period!





Infineon Community Team



Relaxing Christmas shopping


The antenna tuning ICs of Infineon optimize antenna efficiency in 4G smartphone and tablet products. They are provided in the smallest packages available on the market today. That makes
it easy for you to compare products and prices online while shopping for presents.

Read more about connectivity


Pay safely



Smart cards feature security controllers that must be designed for secure, fast and flexible payments. Infineon delivers the industry’s broadest portfolio of security chips for payment applications.

Lean more about payment



Arrive incident-free


All presents are wrapped. It is time to set off for Christmas celebrations. Infineon has a portfolio extending from intelligent sensors and microcontrollers through automotive power standard products which insure
a save drive.

Experience the automotive solutions






Infineon Technologies AG,
85579 Neubiberg (GERMANY)

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