General Information

Human-oriented Company

Business Partner


Business Segment



SJB, BCM, TC, Cluster, TCU, ECU, IFS, etc.


Industrial Power

Drive, UPS, Welding, Traction, Elevator, Treadmill, Energy Efficiency System, White Goods Application, etc.


Consumer & Multimarket

SMPS, Charger, Wireless Device, RF, Discrete, Radar detector, etc.

Strategy for Customer

Future-oriented and Green Business

Reliable and Close Relationship

Rapid reaction to customer’s request
In time delivery with safe stock management and forecast

Own Technical Competence

Assist from MCU to System design with skillful FAEs
Improve market penetration by technical co-works

Growing Together with Customer

Research & analysis market trend and provide it for customer’s continuous growth and competitiveness

Engineering Competencies

  • Inverter System Design
  • Digital Control for Motor and Power Converter Control
  • System Level Simulation & Analysis for Power driving system
  • Microcontroller System Design and Program
  • LED Driver and Power Converter Design
  • PCB design for EMC/EMI

Total Solution from MCU to system

Technical Seminar
Test & Debugging
Providing Application Topology
Proposal Device for Demanding Specification

Singapore warehouse

  • Monitoring stock layout & information in real time
  • Checking each customer’s stock quantity & amount
  • Tracking stock
  • Customized labelling
  • Incoming & Outgoing inquiry
  • Strictly controlling the storage conditions for products
  • Trucking service
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